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10 Important Administrative Tasks Freelancers Should Outsource (and yes, you can afford it)

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If you were under the misguided notion that being a mom who freelances full-time would be a walk in the park, you’re probably eating your words right about now. Freelancing is a situation where you are your own business. And “business” is the operative word there. That said, there are times as a freelancer when you’ll want (and need) to get help with the little things (like finding the perfect lifestyle pic to post on Insta) so you can take care of the big things (like winning your next big contract). If you need more time to do the big things, you may have to clear your schedule by outsourcing administrative tasks to a VA who can help you do more.

Outsourcing Administrative Tasks Can Push Your Freelance Business Farther Faster

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I’ll have to admit, my work-from-home experience turned out to be a totally different ball game from what I’d imagined. In my head, zero commuting hours would snowball into additional time securing a bigger bag and even more time nourishing my personal life. Instead, transitioning into remote working tagged along with new tasks that kept burrowing into my time. Working from home was more of a juggling act, which eventually compelled me to outsource some of the smaller tasks to virtual assistants and other freelancers.

Was this a good decision? Absolutely! The thing is, outsourcing administrative tasks helped shrink my to-do list significantly. Besides, I could now focus on my forte without wasting time on tasks that didn’t match my skill set and that took me forever to do. The freedom to outsource tasks is another compelling reason to make sure your freelancer rates reflect your market value.                                                                                                            

I’ve come up with 10 essential administrative tasks you should probably be outsourcing.

#1 Social Media Management   

Social media is tricky because, on the one hand, it’s fun when you’re using it for your personal life. But it gets super needy really fast when you have to use it for work. Personal social media indulgence is different from using it for your business. While the latter is value-driven, the former is purely for self-entertainment. A 30-second Reel showcasing your products or services could drive up your sales exponentially, but a thirst-trap? Not sure about that.  

For most service providers, social media is going to be an important part of their overall marketing strategy. If you’re busy reeling in the big fish (old school term for high-value clients), it’s probably wiser to delegate your social media management to someone who can do it consistently than to risk seeming in consistent on your social media profiles.

With new social platforms mushrooming and old ones evolving fast, it can be difficult keeping up with all the tweaks. Having someone to reply to comments, DMs, and post converting content is convenient and timesaving. A competent social media wizards (or even a VA with social media chops) will amp up your content, boost your numbers, and solve the complex social algorithm puzzles you don’t have time to solve.

This also applies to content marketing. Instead of spending hours writing and polishing blog posts, why not hire someone off fiver who’ll get it done faster? And with a better finish? The best part is, you can outsource to either agencies or freelancers.

#2 Video and Image Editing

Creating content is time consuming. It’s an always-on, never-enough type of task. Which means it’s another work-from-home task that you’re better off outsourcing. This might lead you to collaborate with a popular YouTube creator or hire a video-editor from Fiverr to fine-tune your website videos. Unless you’re filming cute moments with your fluffy buddy, you shouldn’t compromise on video quality. This is because potential clients may come across your videos while they’re researching you as a candidate for a project. Which version of you do you want them to see – the high-quality videos of you offering nuggets of wisdom or some fuzzy, lopsided video that includes 15 seconds of you saying “um…”?  

For quality social media/website content, editing platforms like Adobe Premiere are like gold dust. If you’re not familiar with any, you can outsource to apt freelance video editors from Video Pixie, Behance, Upwork, or Viedit.

#3 Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of those must-do tasks freelancers are often loathe to do. And with good reason, bookkeeping can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. And if you happen not to love numbers, it can be kind of counter-intuitive.

But with a skilled bookkeeper, organizing your finances and preparing your financial reports can really simplify your business accounting, and it doesn’t have to be a situation where you don’t have access to the books because your bookkeeper can access your bank transactions and bookkeeping app remotely. On top of that, you get access to expert financial advice that will help streamline your business processes. So no more frantic races against the tax-man. No more bird boxing through errors that end up costing you money. And no more seeking business advice from Bixby. Bingo!

#4 Data Entry

Nothing eats into time like entering data into a form or spreadsheet. Plus, it’s really boring. If data entry isn’t what people hire you to do, you can probably find someone to help you with the data entry part of your day for around $5 an hour on Fiverr or Upwork. And you know what? That person will probably be way faster at getting the data entered than you are as well.

#5 Graphic Design and Presentations

Does your job or business require you to know how to put together certain types of presentations? Truth be told: visual designing can be challenging if you didn’t draw the lucky straws on creativity. Or if your work schedule is too stringent. Obsession over Canva design layouts and PowerPoint templates is an art that requires ample time and a keen eye for detail. Instead of letting this swallow up your time, take advantage of sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and 99 designs to hire a graphic designer who lives and breathes that kind of stuff. Freelance graphic designers charge $15 to $150 per hour depending on the weight of your task-load.  And honey, if you’re just looking to get some Pinterest pins created, you can probably get pretty cute ones for $1 to $5 a pop.

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#6 Screening Calls

As a seasoned remote worker, I’ve lost track of the number of times calls interrupt my meal time, meetings, or alone time. If you’re facing a similar predicament, outsourcing to call center companies is a brilliant idea. And while I’ll admit that outsourcing phone support has attracted some ill repute in the past, you can get quality services if you choose a reputable company. For customer service, I wouldn’t recommend freelance sites. This is because a green, ill-suited amateur can easily camouflage behind a well-written profile, only to render poor support to your clients. The internet is streaked with cases where the hired individuals couldn’t even speak good English or were blatantly rude to clients.

#7 IT Support

Ever wished you were some sort of a Sherlock Holmes of the IT world? If only you could decode how to retrieve lost files, migrate your data storage system to the cloud, and master all the twisted details of your website hosting, your WFH life would way simpler. But it’s not. Not that you can’t teach yourself how to do these things, but the immense time and effort it takes to get in the loop of things isn’t worth it.

 If anything concerning IT slips you up, no need to force it. IT support is one of the WFH tasks that you should always outsource if you care about your sanity. The good thing is, remote access software makes it possible to work with a far-flung Website management team. Third-party IT services providers can help you sort data breaches and fix any IT errors that drive you up the wall. Whether you need a leg up on your network coverage, want to update your website content, or cement broke website links, outsourcing to a web-management team will save you the trouble.

#8 Hiring

Human resource is one of those WFH tasks that you can easily outsource. Suppose you’re not ready to curate job listings, conduct interviews, and test-drive your candidates. In that case, a recruiting service will do all that for you. The hiring process for some positions can drag on for days, so if your schedule is packed, a recruiting service will work the magic.

#9 Transcription

You have audio files that you need to duplicate into written content? An experienced transcriptionist is your best bet if you want to do it fast. Doesn’t matter if it’s a podcast, a meeting, or a movie from which you want to retrieve content. Outsourcing to platforms such as Go Transcript will free up your schedule and enable you to focus on your business’s forte.

#10 Your Inbox

It’s no news that working from home and email communication are tight buddies. The same applies to running a home-based business. Email marketing is insanely effective when it comes to converting subscribers into customers at minimal business costs. However, when your email inbox is a major interface between you and clients, you can’t escape having a crowded inbox.

Replying to a throng of inquiries, feedbacks, and promotions can get suffocating and time-consuming. It gets worse when you’ve tried every formula on the internet, yet there’s still a staggering number of people waiting for you to click the reply button.

What’s the solution?

That’s obvious- outsourcing! TBH, I think hiring an individual to steer your most vital messaging tool is a smart business move. Not only does it trigger timely responses to your clients, but it also saves a few hours of your day (or the perpetual shame of having 18,000 unopened emails). A clutter-free inbox is refreshing, motivating, and hands-down necessary. Given the fact that 80% of your messages don’t require personalized responses. Simply outline a structure detailing your response technique, and your email assistant will fit in your shoes perfectly!

If you’re struggling to sustain too many balls in the air, outsourcing administrative tasks to a super-smart VA will take some of the load off your shoulders. Most of the tasks mentioned above require skilled individuals who’re exclusively committed to performing. As long as you hire correctly, you’ll get well-done tasks.