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Fiverr Tips: How to Start Freelancing on the Platform

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If you’ve ever wondered about freelancing on Fiverr, you’re in for a treat. I asked a Fiverr veteran with more than 150 completed jobs and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars to walk the Upskilled Mamas through some best practices for being successful on Fiverr. I’ve never freelanced on Fiverr myself, and I thought it would be smart to ask someone with a history of crushing it to pen this in-depth article on how to go about positioning yourself, winning gigs, and building your freelance business on Fiverr. – Sorilbran

Penned by Saimafirdous512 

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that supports freelancers to sell their services and earn money. This platform is free to create an account and market your services. However, it will charge 20% of the transactions for each project. As Fiverr’s ability to attract clients is exploding, the good news is that whatever services you offer in the global market for digital services are in high demand.

Fiverr.com has blown up as a popular source of micro-outsourced services on the Internet. And with their multi-million-dollar marketing campaign, it’s hard to find people who haven’t heard of Fiverr. Expectedly, more and more businesses, both online and offline, are hiring the services offered on Fiverr. 

Is Fiverr Good for Freelancers?

Pinterest pin - The Ultimate Guide to Bilding a Freelance Buisness on Fiverr

That’s for you to decide, but I will say it’s one of the most effective and easiest ways to earn money while staying at home. You could generate a full-time income from freelancing on Fiverr, plenty of people do. Or maybe just use it to earn extra money on the side.

That’s a good thing because in different parts of the world women can’t venture outside the home to earn money. And right now, with COVID cases spiking in different cities across the U.S., being able to earn from home – even if it’s just every now and then – is just one more way to keep your family protected. Plus, remote learning…

Fiverr can seem like a gift for moms who can’t really get out much, but who want to earn good money from home.   

It can be enticing to want to jump straight in and start as a freelancer right now, but going through these helpful tips first will help you build a more effective freelancer profile on Fiverr. So, take 10 minutes to go through this guide if you’re new to freelancing or new to Fiverr.  

How Are Fees Calculated on Fiverr?

You can freely join Fiverr and create your gigs. A gig is a way to display your services. Its price starts at $5; you cannot set a price lower than $5 for a gig. The lowest rate for any work on Fiverr is $5 that is a good thing. However, there are fees assessed for every gig you land on Fiverr.  

Fiverr charges 20% of the purchase amount for each order from sellers. For example, if you have completed an order of $5, Fiverr will charge $1, and you will receive $4. Fiverr also charges buyers a minimum fee of $2.55 for gigs ordered through the platform, so don’t feel bad.

If you complete an order of $105, Fiverr will take $21 as a promotion fee, and you will receive $84 for your work. It means that your account will generate a revenue of 80% of its total amount for each order you complete. The good news is that the $21 that was taken is tax-deductible.

Do People Really Give Tips to Freelancers on Fiverr?

Yes, but Fiverr applies the same 20% commission on all tips. It is to avoid misuse or scam on the platform. The same commission goes for the ‘tip gig’ that many sellers create. These are not extra fees; they are part of each total order amount. 

What Are The Most Competitive Categories on Fiverr? 

From this screenshot, you can see the most competitive category on Fiverr is Logo Design. If you are good in your niche, you can create your profile as a graphic designer. Nearly every business needs a logo to create its brand identity. You can also learn logo designing online and start to shine on Fiverr. 

Screenshot of Fiverr's Graphic & Design jobs list, Freelancing on Fiverr

From this screenshot, you can also see some other most competitive niches are:

  • Gaming
  • Art & illustration
  • Visual design
  • Packaging and labels
  • Web & mobile
  • Architecture and building design
  • Fashion and merchandise
  • Print design
  • Product and the character design 

What Are the Least Competitive Categories on Fiverr?

While there are less competitive freelance categories, there’s no wide-open space you can use to scale your freelance business quickly. Instead, there are some micro-niches of macro categories that have low competition. Each niche that has less than 1500 competitors is a low competition field. Some of them are given below;

  • Fashion Tutor (give fashion ideas)
  • Gaming video editing
  • Specific graphic design field (micro-niche)
  • SEO articles
  • WordPress management

You can also clearly understand the low competition niches with this help;

Screenshot of Fiverr's article writing search results - freelancing on Fiverr

If you create a gig of article writing, you can see it has high competition. 

But if you choose one of its micro-niches, like ‘tech article,’ you can see it is of low competition. 

Screenshot of niched-down article writing result on Fiverr - Freelancing on Fiverr

Moreover, when you enter a macro keyword, Fiverr also suggests some of its micro keywords. Hence, you can choose one of them.

Tips for Creating Gigs on Fiverr

First of all, click on this link https://www.fiverr.com/

Click on ‘Join’.

screenshot of the Fiverr landing page with Join button highlighted in the corner. Freelancing on Fiverr.

Now continue with Google, Facebook, or enter your email address.

Social sign-in for freelancers joining Fiverr

Your profile is being created. 

Now open your email account and activate your account.

Freelancer dashboard on Fiverr

In the next step, Fiverr will ask you to enter and verify your phone number. Fiverr wants our phone number, but is there any way to call Fiverr? -  Conversations - Fiverr Community Forum

After verification, you will reach this page. How To Make Money On Fiverr And Everything About It: The Powerful Guide »  Internet Marketing, Online Wealth, SEO

Click on edit profile, and enter all required information such as;

  • Add profile picture
  • Description
  • Language
  • Linked accounts
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certification
  • And portfolio. 

Once all done, you will be directed to the gig page. 

Creating a gig on Fiverr

Choose five less competitive and high-demand keywords as stated above. 

For example, you are going to serve in the data entry field; you can choose five keywords;


Try to adjust 2-3 keywords from these 5 in the title like this. 

Screenshot of freelance writer creating a gig on Fiverr

Now select the parent and sub-category. After it, click on ‘Type’ of gig metadata and select your skills. 

Screenshot of freelance writer choosing metadata options on Fiverr for newly created gig

Now choose the tools that you will use while doing your   projects. 

After it, enter those five keywords here in the search tag bar and click on the Save button. 

Now set your gig packages and price. Click on the Save button. 

Here you will briefly describe your services in detail.

Screenshot of freelance writer describing the services offered in a Fiverr gig

Try to write a minimum of 1000 characters for your description, while adding your 5 keywords 2-3 times. 

Screenshot of freelance writer describing the services offered in a Fiverr gig

Try to add 5-6 FAQs and then click on the Save button.

On the requirement page, write what do you need from buyers to start their work.

Screenshot of freelance writer creating requirements section for the services offered in a Fiverr gig

On the next gig gallery page, upload a short video of 30-45 seconds, images, and PDFs relevant to your services. 

Screenshot of freelance writer creating a graphic to market the services offered in a Fiverr gig

Try to make attractive clear gig images that will let the buyer understand your services with an eye plucking speed.

Screenshot of freelance writer creating a graphic to market the services offered in a Fiverr gig

After finalizing the images, click on the publish button. Your gig is live. Now buyers can see it in the searching results. 

5 Tips for Writing Attractive Fiverr Proposals When Customers Post Requests

  1. Please read the job description thoroughly: Daily, hundreds of buyers post their jobs to hire some of the best sellers to complete their project. But 50% of the Fiverr sellers miss their chance because they don’t read the project and understand the requirements. They apply with a prepared template and don’t bother to restate the client’s statement. As a result, buyers reject them in the first view. So, if you want to be hired by a buyer, you should pay close attention to its proposal and apply if you can do it. Otherwise, skip it and move to the next proposal. 
  2. Keep your cover letter simple and straightforward: First of all, you should say hey or Greetings and describe yourself. Then thoroughly re-read the statement of the project and try to understand the client’s requirements. Now restate his statement (which means how you will do his/her work) so the buyer feels confident that you understand the job. Because remember, there’s a good chance they’ve already ready a BUNCH of responses from freelancers who didn’t bother to read their job posting OR respond appropriately.  
  3. Ask a question: Ask a question if something is missing and you want to know. 
  4. Closing: In the end, say thanks and select days and prices. 
  5. Apply with an average price: Try to analyze a suitable price, and if you are not sure about the exact price, it would be better to mention the same price as the buyer mentioned it. If you are confident that you can perform his work within the minimum or maximum time as he mentioned, then select it accordingly; otherwise, it will be good to mention his/her same days.

Sample Fiverr Proposal If You’re Responding to a Customer Request

Hi! I’d like to be considered for your writing project. I have been writing articles for the last three years and can easily write about any topic. I will provide you 100% unique, SEO-friendly, catchy, engaging, and grammatical-error-free content. I will add relevant images to attract more visitors to your website/blog. I will also make good use of your given keywords to rank your website. You can see several samples of my past work. 


Article Writing

Screenshot of sample proposal request from freelance writer on Fiverr

Points to be noted

  • Don’t send the same proposal to different clients. All buyers have a different job description. Try to read and understand their requirements and then write an effective and suitable proposal according to their statements. 
  • Try to send your proposal using your laptop. Go to chrome, download ‘Grammarly extension for chrome.’ This extension will highlight all grammar mistakes, and you can set your mistakes before sending your proposal to the buyer. 

Final Tips… How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Fiverr

5-star reviews on Fiverr play an important role for your gig to get more buyers and keep earning more. Fiverr makes it’s money by customers returning to buy gigs, so the platform always show their top providers and new providers when customers search for services to buy. Never providers with crappy reviews.

So, here are a few ways I use to get the coveted 5-star reviews.

  • Always try to offer more than your customer buys. For example, if you created a gig of logo design offering two logo mockups for $5, give them a third mockup and don’t charge anything extra. Explain to the buyer that it is a bonus from your side. 
  • Always deliver on time. On-time delivery is one of the most important factors for earning a good rating on Fiverr. Try to deliver on the job before the deadline. Don’t wait until the last minute. If there’s a problem that keeps you from delivering your work within the given time frame (which happened to me with this article – but I still got a 5-star review), apologize to the client and also give him a bonus for the late delivery. 
  • When delivering your order, make sure that you have provided a full descriptive report about it. Try to explain what you have done for this. It will help to clarify the confusion, and there would be fewer chances of further revisions.  This is a good thing to do because often clients are juggling multiple projects and they may or may not remember what they even bought from you. #notkidding
  • You should also try to add a friendly automation note whenever you get a new order. Something like, “Thank you for your order,” and “I look forward to working with you.” It is an easy, friendly way to show your appreciation of the client. This is especially important when a buyer places an order without previous discussion (most clients will contact you first before buying a gig) because it’s just a good idea to confirm that you know their job is in your queue.

I hope this article has been super helpful for you. If you’re interested in freelancing on Fiverr, this guide should be a pretty good starting point that will help you to set up your account, position yourself for ultimate success, and land your first few clients… and hopefully your first 5-star reviews freelancing on Fiverr.

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