Let’s talk about social media – and more importantly, the tool that I use to streamline the process of posting, scheduling, and sourcing social media content. Here’s my review of Publer, a social media scheduling tool that I use to batch our social media posts a month or two at a time.

Social Media Management is TIME-CONSUMING

If you’ve ever felt like social media was eating up your life, you’re not alone. When I first took over social media at The Shelf, I was spending an insane amount of time just on social media posts. Easily 7 to 10 hours a week creating and scheduling content for Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn. All the things.

Over the course of the last three years, I’ve tried five or six different tools to make social media management easier. I tried the pricier tools. I’ve tried the inexpensive tools But the best tool I’ve used that was both robust enough to handle the job AND affordable enough to make the purchase a no-brainer is Publer.

Why I Use Publer – An Honest Publer Review

Now, my Publer review is in the video below, but I want to just go over a few important things as it relates to why I’m recommending Publer over previous tools I’ve used.

I bought Publer on AppSumo more than a year ago. I paid a reasonable one-time fee to use the app. That’s why I bought it, initially. Over the last year, the fine folks at Publer have continued to add tons of features while only increasing the subscription cost by a few dollars a month.

It’s Easy to Use.

The first thing I liked about Publer was that it wasn’t hard to use. I’d tried Social Bee, and it was feature-packed, but not nearly as intuitive to use at the time.

When I first purchased Publer, it provided me with a simple, straightforward way to load, schedule, and reuse social media posts. This brings me to the next thing I love about this tool.

Easily Recycle Your Content.

Being able to reuse/recycle posts was SUPER important to me from a time-saving perspective. Who wants to keep writing captions for the same post over and over again? And you pretty much have to reuse content on channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn because organic reach is declining. Less than a quarter of your network will see any given piece of content you post.

screenshot of Publer's post reuse function - Publer review
This page would be filled with all the posts I’ve created and I can check the little circle on the left to reuse it that post, edit it (if necessary), and schedule it for another time.

Publer lets me to see all of the posts I’ve created at once and I can just put a checkmark next to any posts I want to reuse.

Adding Social Media Profiles.

I also liked that I could add a bunch of different social media accounts which I could control and manage from the dashboard. So, I post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business for my personal, work, and clients’ profiles.

Features Are Getting Better.

Since buying the app, Publer has added a bunch of really cool features:

-> I can manage up to 30 accounts

– > The platform posts to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube now, in addition to the accounts I already manage.

-> You can pull in RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and post content from other sources to give your feed some variety. ?

-> The media library keeps all of the content you’ve uploaded AS WELL AS content you’ve posted to your social media feed using other tools.

Once all those features started showing up, I decided to see if Publer has an affiliate program. It does. I’ve included my affiliate link below, just in case you’re interested in using Publer after reading and watching my review.


Publer Pricing is AWESOME!

Now, when I bought Publer it was reeeally inexpensive. That’s one of the great things about AppSumo. You can grab great pieces of software for a few bucks. It’s kind of like a rebate/coupon shopping app – you can get discounts on existing apps and get free and low-cost access to new products that are being introduced to the masses.

I created the video below in June of 2021, and you’ll see the price of the app was about half of what it is now. Still, Publer is significantly less expensive than other social media scheduling tools with the same features.

For example, the lowest subscription level for Hootsuite comes in at $49. For MeetEdgar (which is awesome), there’s a $19 tier, but you can only add 3 social media accounts.

screenshot of pricing chart Publer Review

Publer offers a freemium subscription level. The paid subscriptions offer incremental pricing so you can expand as you need to (which is why this tool is SO perfect for freelancers who may be adding one or two social media accounts that they’re managing for a client.

Each social media profile you add increases the monthly subscription price by only $2, and each additional user you add to your account increases the price by a buck. PERFECT!!

If you’re interested in trying Publer, you can use my link to check this baby out here.

So, those are the basics for Publer. But you can take a quick, 5-minute walk-thru of the dashboard in the video below