I’m a total app junkie when it comes to finding better and better ways to streamline the WFH life. I think a huge part of our success as work-at-home moms has to do with the tools we use to get stuff done. It’s important to find the best apps for freelancers IF you want to keep your home and work lives separate and sane.

This page is a little roundup of my favorite apps, tools, and hacks. Click any of the images to check out actual reviews and/or how-to videos for each tool. A lot of these apps will include affiliate links, meaning if you click the link and buy a tool or sign-up for a subscription, I’ll earn a commission.

Not all of my recommendations result in an affiliate commission because not all of my favorite tools have affiliate programs (hello, WaveApps). But some do.

Anyway, I hope you’ll use this list as a starting point to help you figure out which tools work best for you.

Shopping Apps and Marketplaces

Subscriptions for business tools can be EXPENSIVE, like in the hundreds of dollars each and every month. Thankfully, another marketer introduced me to AppSumo in 2020 and I’ve gotten some really great deals on apps that help me do things like plan my day, schedule social posts, and create multi-media content. Check out my AppSumo review and the 5-minute video walkthru.

Productivity Tools I Love and Use

More than clocking in and clocking out for each client project, a productivity app will help you to figure out how you are spending your time – those hours that slip by when you don’t have your Harvest on to log time. You may figure out that on Wednesdays, you’re never really that productive because that’s the kids’ busiest day at school. Been there! So, I’ve recommended a couple of productivity tracking apps – RescueTime (my choice), Time Camp, and Timeular. So, check out my recommendations for the best productivity apps.

Design Tools I Love and Use

youtube thumbnail for Creative Market

Creative Market is one of my FAVORITE tools for “quickly” creating fantastic visuals. I put the “quickly” in quotation marks because it’s easy to spend hours in the marketplace just looking at all the pretty designs. Check out my Creative Market review. I included screenshots of two of the design packages I’ve purchased AND some tips on finding the right stuff for your project. Read the review.

Social Media tools I Love and Use

Publer is a tool I bought on AppSumo. In the year since I became a subscriber, Publer has NEVER disappointed me. Ig offers a freemium level and the first paid tier is a fraction of the cost of your typical social scheduling tools. Publer is a robust social media scheduler that lets you batch-schedule months of social media posts in minutes. Read my review and watch the video walk-thru.