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How to Make $100 a Day (even with kids at home)

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I think at some point in the last 18 months, most of us have sat down and wondered how to make extra money from home. With the kids home. And public school happening on a screen at your dining room table. And lockdowns. And juice box supplies on the fritz. We’ve all taken a good, long look at our lives and our priorities and asked, “How can I make $100 a day?”

The good news is making $100 a day from the comfort of your own home is totally doable. You don’t need to have a college degree or even some fancy-schmancy product that you’re selling. There are enough opportunities that will allow you to work from home doing all sorts of different jobs, some more lucrative than others.

First Things First: Be Strategic About How You Add Income Streams

It’s important to be strategic about the type of work you do because for most of us, earning extra money from home will be a time investment that requires you to reallocate how you spend your downtime, track your time, track your productivity and possibly even shuffle your home life around a bit. 

We’ve shortlisted a few really good ideas for getting your hands on $100 more a day. Consider this a starting point, and see how many more ideas you can come up with. Each of these ideas is a way for you to make $100 a day. And remember, the more revenue streams you add, the faster you’ll get there. 

There’s a popular stat floating around that the average millionaire has seven streams of income. But to all my Bible babes out there, I say:

Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

Ecclesiastes 11:2 (NIV)

#1 Use gig platforms to grab up freelance jobs, and start earning today.

If freelancing sounds like a whole, big ordeal to you, let me assure you it isn’t. It takes a few days to get accustomed to the way things work on each platform. But the process of bidding on and landing jobs is straightforward, regardless of the gig platform(s) you choose to work.

Just because you don’t get a W-2 doesn’t mean you can’t earn money, right? I’ve published reviews, guides, and tips for working on some of the biggest platforms, namely Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. These pieces were written by women who are KILLING IT on these platforms. So, it’s first-hand knowledge + plenty of money-making tips. 

But there are quite a few other freelance websites you can work on as well that are great for beginners. 

On websites like Upwork or Fiverr, you can make $100 or more a day by taking on all sorts of gigs like website design, translations, copywriting, virtual assistant work, video production… the list goes on through THOUSANDS of jobs and millions of projects.

Here’s how to make $100 a day on gig platforms

Well, there are lots of ways, but here are some simple breakdowns…

On Upwork, you’re looking at writing 3 short blog posts a day about stuff you know and understand. Each post would range between 700 and 1200 words. You can charge $50 – $75 a pop for them, but Upwork takes a hefty 20% fee from your first $10K of earnings.

You could also write one well-researched article (or half of one, depending on the topic)

You could work 5 to 7 hours as a virtual assistant.

Or work 5 hours as a social media manager. 

The best part about freelancing is that there are no set hours or schedules to follow. You can spend your time in the job market looking for new projects that align with what you do best – all while working from home.

#2 Search traditional job boards for remote work, and start earning this week.

Before the pandemic hit, it was tough to find legitimate work from home companies on job boards like Monster and That’s not the case anymore. In fact, “work from home” is one of the most widely searched qualifiers for jobs on It shows up right there on the front page as the first search filter. 

Between the three – Monster, CareerBuilder, and Indeed – Indeed does a much better job of turning up truly remote positions in search results. The Monster results included jobs for Lyft drivers and chefs. CareerBuilder included truck drivers and a never-ending list of licensed therapist jobs. Indeed turned up a nice selection of remote positions including customer service reps, data entry specialists, admissions reps, digital organizers, and 

#3 Create a simple product to sell, and start earning today.

I’m not being flippant about this. In reality, it’s October 31st, and today I’ll be spending my time learning how to create t-shirt designs and mug designs that I can sell as a fourth stream of income that doesn’t require me to invest a bunch of my time. 

What should you sell? I’ve seen some interesting videos about using dropshipping services that will facilitate your orders, create the products,  and ship them without you having to do anything further.  

Tees and mugs are simple, right? You can come up with 20 or 30 quotes and set them up as graphics on a blank mug or tee, then put them on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Zazzle, Facebook, and Instagram to market and sell.

Designing Your Product. You can simplify the design process by spending a few bucks hiring a designer on Fiverr to help you. Or, if you have the skills, you can use Canva to put something together yourself.

#4 Create a not-so-simple product to sell, and start earning by next week.

Okay, this is where you can put more time into choosing different types of items to sell. For instance:

  • Low-content books
  • Custom planners
  • Diaries
  • Bracelets and jewelry

I listed these as not-so-simple products because you’ll need to take more time to learn how to create these products, and more time will be required to come up with good design ideas. Check out this video from Kat Theo on low content book ideas.

#5 Teach what you know, and start earning this month.

Another way to make $100 a day is to create an online course. It’s all the buzz right now. In fact, I was just reading last night about Ashley Massengill, a content creator whose online course on creating digital products generated $1 million for her in just 40 minutes. Insane, huh?

But Ashley tapped into something extremely important – leveraging your own skills, talents,  and knowledge to create a course that helps people to achieve their own goals.

#6 Monetize your hobbies to start earning in the next few days.

Some hobbies are sexier than others, but if you have a hobby that you love, you talk about it and document your journey. This can be anything from traveling to papier mache to financial advice. If you write about your experiences or document them with pictures or video, you’ll build an audience of people who are also interested in those same things.

To monetize it, you can promote products that you use to do what you do by joining that product’s affiliate program. Then every time someone buys that product using a link you provide, you earn a commission from it. 

Or if you build a large enough social media following (usually a minimum of 2000 followers), you would qualify for brand partnerships wherein you can create content for brands and they pay you a fee for doing so.

You could also start a YouTube video channel about your hobby and add a subscription level tier to your channel. I’ve seen this a couple of ways. I am a monthly subscriber to GetUpWithNards, a fitness expert and Instagrammer who creates content for YouTube. The subscription is $5 a month and I keep it JUST to support her. I like her. 

I also bought a one-and-done access pass to Brittne Babe’s online fitness community. Why? I find her 13-minute workouts super helpful. AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING! These are just a few ideas for how to make an extra 100 bucks a day.

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#7 Create marketing assets to start earning by tomorrow. 

One of my all-time favorite websites is Creative Market. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a visual creator. I can write my butt off, but I am easily defeated by an Instagram post – takes me FOREVER to create even one. And so I don’t. I buy them. Happily.

Platforms like Fiverr and Creative Market (you can read and watch my review of Creative Market) are marketplaces for digital assets. That means people like me and all sorts of companies will regularly check those platforms for things like pre-designed Instagram posts, clever quotes, pre-designed Pinterest pins, YouTube header and footer designs, and all sorts of things that you can edit yourself in apps like Canva and Photoshop.

If you happen to be pretty good at designing visual assets (or you can buy the full rights to some visual assets), you can make money on these platforms. 

#8 Create stories and books to start earning money in the next month.

If you’re a pretty good writer, you can publish stories, essays, and books to platforms like Amazon Kindle, Scribd, and Lulu. Earlier in my career, I made most of my money from ghostwriting ebooks on everything from Joe Biden (during the Obama presidency) to 

For a nice little list of the platforms for publishing and selling your ebooks, check out this list on Hongkiat

#9 Sell articles to start earning money this week.

One of my favorite ways to make money is to write articles and sell them in Facebook groups and on platforms like Actually, I wrote a post on licensing and selling articles that you can take a look at.

For someone like me, I’m always researching marketing trends and I don’t always have an outlet for sharing that information. So, it makes sense that I would write short articles on different topics, submit them to Constant Content, and I get a payment when the article sells.

There’s no pressure. No deadlines. But you can put together articles in your free time and start generating revenue. And Constant Content has a list of the articles that recently sold, and what the most requested topics are.

For Facebook groups, it’s a similar type of thing. There are groups where people can go to purchase content on lifestyle topics, buy recipe posts, license recipe pics, and buy printables.

#10 Sell printables to start earning money tomorrow (ish).

Printables are super popular. Let me tell you – we downloaded and printed pages and pages and PAGES of printable worksheets in 2020 for my kids. I also use them as a way to help my kids stay busy by printing matching games, instructions for science experiments, and all sorts of things.

There are all sorts of printables, though. It’s not just for kids. There are coloring sheets, meal planners, food trackers, recipe pages, business forms. Whatever industry you’re in, you can find printables that you can design and have other people print out after they buy from you.

So, you can create the pages once and continue to sell them. Plus, you can gradually build out your catalog of printables.


I hope this list helps. These are just a few ideas for how to make $100 a day. You can do these from home, with the kids in the house, I’ll continue to add to it as time goes on. Use this list as a starting point to find more ways to increase your income and your financial stability.