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10 Free Certification Courses to Help Stay-at-Home Moms Earn More Money

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One of the toughest things about starting a new thing or re-careering is finding a way to upskill quickly. We put together this list of 10 fast, free certifications and courses for work-at-home moms. Whether for a few hours or a few weeks, these are training programs that will make you more valuable to clients and employers, and put you in a position to make more money.

Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot

Writing is one thing, but knowing how to write in a way that gets people to take an action – totally different thing. Content marketing is where the rubber meets the road.

HubSpot offers an in-depth content marketing training course. HubSpot is a customer relationship management app that comes with robust marketing features that brands use to create and distribute high-value content. It’s one of the more well-known platforms used by sales professionals and content marketers.

Wait… what the heck is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method where businesses create and distribute content (articles, social media posts, videos, podcasts, infographics) with the goal of getting leads for businesses and nudging those potential buyers toward a purchase. Content marketing is a BIG deal in business. According to Convince and Convert, 71% of people who make buying decisions for their businesses read an article before making a purchase. Content marketing gets 3x more leads than ads and PR. Three times!

So, a content marketing certification is the kind of training that can position you for a new career. HubSpot’s course contains a series of videos that’ll teach you how to promote written content online and attract a broad and diversified readership. It winds up with a 1-hour online exam, and after that, a Hub spot certificate badge to boost your writing resume and portfolio.

Marketing by Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular SEO analysis tool used by marketing teams to help content rank better in search engines. When it comes to mastering search, Ahrefs is an industry leader.

Marketing by Ahrefs leaves nothing to chance. From strategic SEO, link building, to keyword research, expect to learn the tools of tactful online marketing in a short time.

Get Paid to Write Course by Elna Cain

Landing higher-paying jobs with freelance writing isn’t a pipe dream- it’s very possible. This course by Elna, a successful freelance writer, is another great course for work-at-home moms that will help you get industy-ready and introduce you to the work-from-home world.

For six days, you’ll receive a lesson that will get you closer to mastering the freelance writing business’s ins and outs. Totally worth it!

Learn Digital Marketing with SEMRush

If your side gig involves working on a computer, digital marketing is a skill you may want to learn. To be fair, digital marketing encompasses everything from writing blog posts to running influencer campaigns. But SEMRush is an industry leader in content analytics. SEMRush is a tool used by marketing teams to analyze their own websites and those of their competitors and find ways to show up in Google results. This strategy is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO (and SEO writing) is absolutely crucial for brands because, without it, they are basically invisible to Google.

This course by SEMRush will teach you how to help your clients build content strategies that Google will surface in search results, and even outperform their competitors in search results.

Blogging for Business by Ahrefs

If you’re just starting out in your writing career, or you need to upskill your blogging business, Ahrefs’ Blogging for Business may be just what you need.

Transforming your passion for blogging into a thriving business that pays your bills and funds your vacations takes works. Tons of it.

Blogging for Business In a program comprised of ten lessons, Ahrefs demonstrates how to derive value from your blog, from dreaming up those jackpot content ideas to building backlinks, this course can help work-at-home moms up their market value. For sure.

Copywriting Training Program by John Carlton

Do you want to learn how to write copy that sells? Copywriting is a sure-fire way of making money working from home. On top of that, it can be your entry point into a burgeoning advertising career. So, there’s no better way to get your feet wet than to acquire insights from one of the web’s most exceptional copywriters.

In this free, video-based copywriting training, John Carlton distills gems on how to tell a compelling story that’ll keep the reader’s eye glued to your page. And how to use storytelling to convert prospects into lifelong customers. As a bonus, you also learn how to get rid of writer’s block and scale your writing business.

Social Media Marketing Certification Course by HubSpot

Have you ever thought of taking your brilliant writing skills to social media? If you haven’t, you should. Social media marketing is TIME-CONSUMING! And a lot of small businesses don’t have the personnel to do it effectively. Offering social media marketing services to small businesses is a fantastic opportunity to expand your business.

Social media is an important part of a successful content marketing strategy. Excluding social media from your content marketing strategy is akin to only using a fraction of the crayons in your coloring box. Now that people’s eyes are continuously glued to their phones, successfully marketing your content on social media is like hitting the jackpot. And small companies are notoriously under-prepared to handle the ongoing need for social media content, social media strategy, and social media engagement. So, if you happen to be a genius with your thumbs and a genius at social media stuff, this one could be your jam.

Google Analytics Course by Google

Mastering Google Analytics and Google Adwords are the secret sauce of making it in the freelancing market, especially as a content writer/marketer. A Google Analytics certification is a must-have for any content marketer that wants to outshine the stiff competition that looms large on search engines.

This course will open doors to some of Google’s most critical SEO tools, and to add on that, Google will put their stamp on your skillset once you complete the course. That, alone, is enough to get you ahead of the game and expand your clientele base exponentially. The training program is about 4 to 6 hours long, depending on your background knowledge with analytics.

Creative Writing Course By the Craft Writer

Can you write compelling stories? The kind that tosses a reader into your imaginary world, and leaves them kissing the ground with gladness that you wrote that story? If so, then this creative writing course will point you in the right direction.

It does this by sharpening your creative writing skills and exposing you to creative writing opportunities that’ll help you make money working from home.

Blogging Course and Certification by the Email Marketing Institute

Learn how to outshine the occasional blogging slip-ups through this detailed, and insightful certified blogging course program by the Email Marketing Institute. It takes you through all the corners of the blogging business and shows you how to become a successful blogger.

So there you go! Don’t let unfamiliarity whittle away your dream of making money from home. There is a growing number of free and low-cost courses for work-at-home-moms that will help you to beef-up your resume.

We’re big believers in using upskilling as a way to not only get more clients, but land better-paying projects. If you’re overseeing your child’s remote learning or homeschooling this year, don’t leave yourself out of this big self-improvement push. Take advantage of this time to try out these freelance writing programs and learn how to make money working from home.