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Legit Work at Home Jobs: 53 Big Companies That Hire Moms to Work from Home

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Can you remember any time in recent history where there’s ever been a greater need of jobs for work-at-home moms? One of the many things the pandemic brought with it is the need for more and more moms to find ways to earn money WHILE being a full-time caregiver for their kids.

 from 53 Big Companies

A recent report from Lean In and McKinsey Company (opens in a new tab) says 1 in 4 working moms have considered leaving their jobs or downshifting their careers as a result of the pandemic. And many of these moms will still need to generate an income.

If you’re part of the more than 800,000 women who left the workforce last month and may now be in need of a job that caters to your current work-at-home life, this article is for you.

For the next few minutes, I’ll be guiding you to 53 reputable companies, each of which has jobs for work-at-home moms. Ready? Let’s begin.

1. Deloitte

You love munching on numbers and formulas? Good, a career in accounting, auditing, and taxation will be a perfect fit.  Deloitte is a global business consulting company that focuses on these areas and more. For a company that earned a spot on Mother’s Magazine as one of the top 100 companies that thrive on remote jobs, expect nothing but the best from Deloitte.

2. Appen

Where are my Tech-savvy mamas?

Australia-based Appen is a market leader when it comes to offering technology services. If you’ve got your feet wet in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, you’ll enjoy working for them.  In recent years, Appen has consistently taken the lead as the no. 1 company offering remote jobs within Australia and beyond

3. Babysitting Companies

Do kids love you? Okay, scratch that. The question is, do you love kids? Actually, a combination of the two is exactly what babysitting companies like these are eyeing.

In-home childcare jobs pay fairly well, and the more toddler tantrums you can handle, the richer you’ll become. If you choose this path, be ready to give up a big chunk of your home space to cater to your kids and tons of others too! 

Babysitting pay rates vary depending on the state you’re In, although the average pay is about $16.25/hour.

4. Johnson and Johnson

If you’ve used some of their loved-up health and wellness products, you’re probably aware that Johnson and Johnson don’t play. Johnson and Johnson, a famous brand, operates in over 60 countries, with a high prevalence of telecommuting jobs.

5. Rosetta Stone

Given the present global circumstances, education is experiencing some radical changes that point us all in the direction of e-learning. Rosetta stone is a soaring tutoring company that provides top-notch quality of knowledge via the internet. If you have a necessary background in teaching, you can aim for one of their open remote job positions.

Currently, a significant fraction of their remote workers include foreign language tutors, digital marketing executives, and customer marketing managers. 

6. Transcribe Me

Have you ever heard of transcription? The gist is, the increasing demand for virtual translation services continues to boost transcription as a career. Currently, Transcribe Me is leading in terms of providing comprehensive transcription services, and flexible work schedules are one of their most visible flagships. Transcribe Me boasts of posting 100% remote jobs, and the pay is highly impressive too.

7. Partner Centric

You’ve wanted a career in performance marketing for the longest time, but you have no clue where to look? It turns out Partner Centric is an excellent performance marketing company that will bring your search to a screeching halt. Deeply anchored in the mantra “Equal work for Equal Pay,” the fully remote marketing agency is preferred by many stay-at-home moms.

Check out some of their open jobs here.

8. Marriot

This globally successful hotel and lodging company are merely unstoppable. And they’re not leaving anyone behind, not even stay-at-home moms. To get onboard one of the warmest and most beautiful homes for guests worldwide, head over to Flex Jobs and try your luck.

9. Kelly Services

 Kelly Services is a trendsetting U.S. based company that offers- workforce solutions across a wide range of industries. Depending on your job scope, salaries can shoot as high as $75.00/hour.

10. Voya Financial

Over the years, Voya International has evolved into the go-to institution for personal financial advice. Whether you’re looking for guidance on setting up a nest egg for the future or being thrown off balance with your investment plans, Voya Financial will sort your needs.

Competitive salary rates and benefit packages are some hot perks of working with them. Check out some of their remote job openings here.

11. Viacom

Love everything on media and T.V.? Viacom is a media company that hires moms to work from home.  They often offer part-time work from home opportunities such as handling after-party logistics, and the pay is good.

12. Adobe

A renowned software company, Adobe offers excellent career opportunities for stay at home moms. Particularly if you have a rich background in content development through graphic design, Adobe is the glass slipper that will perfectly fit your foot. Adobe is one of the companies that prioritize a healthy work-life balance.

13. American Express

American Express has repeatedly taken the cake as one of the top companies for working mums. Why you ask? It’s not every day that you meet a company that offers a fully paid 20-week parental leave, plus up to $35,000 financial assistance for treating employees’ fertility issues. That aside, a flexible work schedule is their flagship, and you can check some of their openings here.

14. Patagonia

Okay, so Patagonia doesn’t quite thrive on work-from-home jobs, but wait…If you’d love a career come-back, I’m sure a company that allows you to tag along your toddler is worth looking through. They have an onsite childcare center that will keep your kid company as you secure the bag. Sounds good? Check out some of these listings.

15. Trafilea

You miss your marketing/advertising career, but an in-house 9-5 job slightly gives you Goosebumps? Don’t fret. Trafilea is a thriving marketing and advertising company that helps e-commerce websites discover a new world of brand success. Marketing, software, and talent acquisition are just a few examples of recently available job openings at the company. Shoot your shot now, you never know!

16. Red Hat

Well, it’s not just their name that’s fun and interesting. Their jobs and work schedules are too! Here’s a glimpse into Red Hat jobs.

17. CVS Health

So you’ve used your driver’s license 100 times more than your medical/healthcare degree? I guess it’s time to dust it off. CVS Health is the home of excellent medical services, and they have jobs for trained medical professionals like you. 

18. Doctor on Demand

Do you miss assisting people in leading healthier lives? Doctor-on-demand is a healthcare telemedicine company that allows licensed doctors to tend to patients strictly on demand.  No need to be at the hospital all day, and no screaming babies either. Just you, your laptop, and your medical kit waiting for a virtual hospital visit.  

19. Go Transcript

Remember transcription? Go-transcript is another web-services company that will hire you to decode audio files and translate them into written form. Busy moms can earn up to $1215 per month working from home. 

20. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Commonly referred to as PWC, this is one of the companies with the most glowing employee reviews. PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the big four accounting firms globally, and it’s main specializations are advisory and tax assurance services. Check out some of their recent job postings here.

21. Blueprint LSAT Prep

Do you want to help stuck students close in on their dream colleges and universities? Well,  Blueprint LSAT prep is a company that grooms students for major examinations such as SAT. Often, they need tutors to help do the spadework. So if you’re good at creating courses and teaching, you may be the ideal candidate for some of their vacancies.

22. Sony

You know Sony, right? This is SONY Sony, the electronics giant. Besides a wild imagination, Sony also specializes in maintaining a sustainable work-life balance for their employees. This is why it features as one of the companies that fit stay at home moms. Careers at Sony

23. Prudential

Prudential is a financial company that regularly hires remote financial services associates, customer representatives, among others.

24. Telus

There’s nothing wrong with loving social media. But honestly, why spend your precious time watching a strangers’ whack TikTok moves, or envying some rich celebrity’s lifestyle and hating your own? For free? Why not get paid to be on social media instead? Telus is a company that hires stay at home moms to be social media managers/moderators. If you’re social media savvy and keen to detail, this is for you.

25. Mindojo

This is another highly rated e-learning services company that hires home-based online tutors. They create online courses that assist learners all over the world. Here are some of their job listings.

26. Duolingo

Learning a new language has never been easier, thanks to Duolingo. Besides that, Duolingo is a hub of remote jobs for work at home mums. The online language-learning platform often hires foreign language writers, translators, tutors, marketing experts, and so forth.

27. 99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social hires social media managers to help clients streamline their social media prevalence. With this company, your pay correlates directly to the number of social media accounts you can manage. Most people earn between $12-15 per hour. Check out their Content Specialist position as an example

28. Ulatus

The pain of speaking fluent French and having no one to flex on is on another level.  If you’re fluent in any foreign language, especially Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Native Indian, but your talent is slowly whittling away, Ulatus needs your services. Being a thriving translation services company, Ulatus always needs epic translators to help with the workflow, so you’re guaranteed of work.  

29. Study.com

To promote tuition-free college experiences, Study.com  is hiring lesson writers, online tutors, video creators, educational copywriters, and other related job positions.

30. Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network helps connect international students with comfortable education experience in the USA. From finding host families to offering other forms of academic support, the Cambridge network assists in bringing students’ dreams to life.

31. Grant Thorton

Would you love to work with an international accounting firm? Grant Thornton has space for all natures of job contracts, whether fulltime, seasonal, or remote.

32. Cactus

If you’ve fine-tuned your writing skills, you may want a career in editing. Cactus.com is a company that hires remote editors and pays them pretty well too.

33. Stitch Fix

Do you want to earn money from your impeccable sense of fashion? Stitch fix is a virtual fashion platform that allows remote stylists to handpick fashion pieces for their clients. If you’re a stay at home mom who can squeeze between 15-29hours/week to help your clients dress down their life events, Stitch fix careers will suit you.

34. Hire My Mom Concierge Service

Hiremymommy.com is a concierge service that helps busy entrepreneurs to run successful businesses. Check out some of their available jobs here.

35. Hubstaff

Clocking in hours is every employee’s and employer’s nightmare. Hub staff is a software company that helps businesses to run without the hassle of the daily commute. This globally distributed remote team also offers a flexible work schedule for its employees. Hub staff specializes in software development, social media marketing, web development, and virtual assistance. And currently, they have openings in multiple departments, including marketing and customer service.

36. Rolling Globe

Working as a travel agent is a surefire way of making money as a stay-at-home mom. If you know all the intricacies of traveling, you can help other travelers make the right choices and land lucrative deals by making recommendations. If you’re interested, check out Rolling Globe. This online travel agency builds lasting bridges between travel agents and thriving career opportunities.  

Travel agents earn between $50,000 and $60,000/year.

37. Xerox

Currently, Xerox houses over 8,000 home-based employees performing varied duties. From customer care, image tagging, data entry, all the way to business support, you won’t miss something to do.  

38. Integra Global Solutions

Integra Global Solutions is a company that exposes growing businesses to the thrills of outsourcing. The software service provider also has a flexible work schedule that favors remote working.

39. Profit Factory

Virtual assistance companies are growing fast, and profit factory is just one of them. If you’re organized enough to help businesses with administrative tasks, then the Profit factory will link you to where your services are wanted. Salaries start at $17/hour and can increase depending on your skills.

40. User Testing

Can you imagine earning up to $140 for a 30-minute research study or website testing gig? User testing is a company that hires remote workers, such as stay at home moms to give their opinions on brands, products, and even websites.

41. Kanopi Studios

Design is one of the few creative outlets that morphs work into play. Get a contract designing job from Kanopi studios and work with a friendly and committed team. 

42. Robert Half

Robert Half is an ideal stop for any stay-at-home mom who wants to revive their accounting or finance career. They hire both entry-level and senior-level accountants, and the pay typically varies from $25-35/hour. Here are some of their available jobs.

43. Alorica

Do you want to team up with Alorica and offer measured customer service solutions? Check out some of their stay at home jobs and find your match.

44. Amazon

Amazon, Your favorite E-commerce site, is home to numerous work from home career openings. The global online retailer consistently hires remote software engineers, product reviewers, administrative assistants, and data engineers. This list is far from exhaustive. A customer service agent at Amazon typically earns anything from $20/hr going upwards.

45. Hilton

Do you want to assist with reservations and customer care at one of the world’s finest hotels? The hospitality industry welcomes a new age of digitization, and stay at home mamas are reaping the rewards. Check out some remote career opportunities at Hilton, and find where you fit.

46. The Chat Shop

If you’ve always wanted to work as a remote live-chat agent, The chat shop will give you a chance. For this career path, a super-fast typing speed is non-negotiable.

47. Travelling Vineyard

Imagine making money from tasting wine.  And without leaving your home even for one bit. It turns out, such an opportunity is right in front of you, thanks to Travelling Vineyard. This is a company that connects you with wine-tasting events and in-house wine tasting gigs that will make you money one sip at a time. Besides a home-based wine business, signing up with Travelling Vineyard will also earn you life-changing training and support from trusted wine experts.   Check them out!                

48. WeLocalize

Founded in 1997, this company is at the forefront of providing content translation services to companies. WeLocalize majors in multiple products, including e-learning materials and web content. They value employees with sharp communication and organizational skills, so if these qualities are on your radar, you may as well aim for one of their career openings.

49. ABC Fundraising

So far, ABC Fundraising has helped raise over $50 million for schools, churches, and organizations. To expand their reach, they’ve carved new career opportunities for different company positions, including a sales rep. As you help set up fundraisers from home, you could earn up to $7200 per month as an ABC distributor!

50. Momsmakingsixfigures.com

Mums making six figures are a team of marketing representatives focused on re-defining women-led businesses in the USA. This mentorship effort translates into creating multiple opportunities to see women. And mainly stay at home moms achieve immense business success. They’ll help you build a shopping account from the ground up, with zero investment from your end!

51. Accenture

This is a professional outsourcing company that puts food on over 190,000 employees’ tables. It also offers management consulting and technology services and boasts of highly flexible work schedules.

52. Cactus

A career in editing and proofreading requires excellent English skills with a sprinkle (read big scoop) of professionalism. While starting out on sites like Up work can have you feeling cowed, Cactus welcomes beginners who are willing to learn. They use cutting-edge technology to provide unmatched editing solutions, more so in the scientific fields. Don’t worry about prior editing experience; they only need you to love English and have mastery of the subject.

53. Magic Ears

“You have the magic, we have the students.”  That’s the Mantra of Magic Ears, a loved up online learning platform that hires stay at home moms.  If you can teach English correctly, start earning $15-26/hour from one of the most preferred online English-learning platforms.

There you go! That’s the full list of 53 companies that hire stay-at-home moms. You can also browse through more job for work-at-home moms at Flexjobs.