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Have You Considered Becoming a Virtual Fitness Coach?

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If you happen to follow anyone online because they show your exercises or have you dropping #goals under their bikini pics, then you’ll probably get why Virtual Fitness Coach is a viable side hustle idea for some moms.

I know a couple of women who make money as virtual fitness coaches. One in particular began her business before the pandemic, which means she was a fitness coach before everyone had to move their training online.

This woman didn’t start out as a nutritionist, but years of involvement in Hollywood’s infamous beauty industry helped her develop a passion for all things healthy. She is fit and fabulous.  Her skin, flawless.  A few times a year, she leads people through a juice cleanse detox and she is a fitness boot camp fanatic.  

Here’s the good part. She didn’t go out in search of nutrition credentials. That was the easy part. All she did was get the word out that she was thin and healthy and she would share her lifelong learning with people who may not have had the same level of passion and commitment to learning it on their own. 

She serves as a guide – 100 pounds of mouth and wisdom (she’s really short, too, so don’t feel like it’s impossible – she’s quite petite). Forget about being politically correct and sparing your feelings. If she sees you packing on the pounds, she’s not opposed to shooting you an email or sharing an article with you on Facebook on the woes of being obese. 

Hurt feelings or not, she knows her stuff. She can tell you what to eat and when to eat it, when to run and how often to run.  She has studied the human body to the point that her body is a perfectly functioning machine. If you want your body to operate like a machine too, you follow every word that proceeds out of the mouth of your Virtual Fitness Coach.  

The concept that created this business for her doesn’t just apply to the Virtual Fitness Coach.  Whatever passion you have cultivated and developed on your own time and for your own edification will likely help another person.  Take an inventory of your niche knowledge or special talents and see which are marketable.  Don’t you dare leave the information and wisdom you’ve gained over the years to languish!  Pass it on.   

I Actually Have Three Subscriptions to Virtual Fitness Coaches

Dude, it’s about time for this, right? I’m busy. I don’t have time to visit gyms and the virtual thing helps me keep things interesting when I work out.

You may be thinking, Why would anyone PAY for a virtual fitness coach when they can use fitness apps like 30 Day Split and FitOn for free?

Personalities. There are people out there like me who want to get their training from women who look like them or who can relate to their challenges, right?

I downloaded FitOn to my phone. But I pay for two fitness subscriptions separately from that. . The first is Brittne Babe, whom I first discovered on Pinterest. She literally didn’t even look real her body was so legit. I made a one-time payment of $21 and some change to join her community where I get access to a dashboard, a list of courses, and her Facebook community. I love her. So, I bought her product.

My second subscription is with GetUpNation. I found Nardia on Instagram after I saw a post of Nardia’s before and after pics for her fitness journey. Her before pic were literally my same measurements. I binged dozens and dozens of her pics and videos. Then about a month ago, I bought a subscription to GetUpNation, her fitness community. It’s $5 a month or so and I don’t really have any intention of stopping it.

But why, when I already have access to free communities? I like her. I wanted to support her. And Nardia’s has, like four or five kids, so she feels my pain and my struggle. But if she can get her body back together after having babies, so can I.

My daughter’s a dancer, and she follows dance communities. When some fancy-pants dancer offers a cheap course or has a special live training, she signs up and participates.

The bottom line: there’s opportunity here for you.

Tips for Becoming a Virtual Fitness Coach

Skills Inventory

The ability to offer insightful wisdom on the most effective (not the easiest, mind you) ways to cut unhealthy, fat-causing habits from someone’s lifestyle; a willingness to be painfully honest, Dr. Phil style; a deep understanding of the human body, nutrition and the way our bodies function; credibility 

Physical/Virtual Inventory

A great body and good health (lends credibility to your cause)


Nutritionists are formally educated. Many have undergraduate degrees. There are dozens of online universities currently offering degrees in nutrition science. Becoming a personal trainer is a much faster track, however, and lends itself rather nicely to a career as a health expert. 

Launch Cost

If you really know your stuff, you can start just by offering good advice to your followers. 


Instagram is a great platform for offering bite-sized wisdom, walking people through exercises, sharing cooking tips, even showing how to shop and read labels. I actually follow a couple of fitness and nutrition influencers on Instagram – @brittnebabe (I’ve also paid for her membership club) and @getupwithnards. Brittne I learned about on Pinterest and Nardia I found on Instagram.

On Facebook, I’m a member of Dr. Jason Fung’s Intermittent Fasting group, as well as a member of a group for women who are interested in competing as a professional bodybuilder. So, I’m talking from experience here. 

I would post full-length videos to YouTube and post 60-second clips to Instagram and Pinterest.

Two birds, girl.

If you want, you can start blogging and joining groups on Facebook for people who are trying to lose weight. You’re not there to pitch your services or your book or whatever… you’re there (once again) to engage with people and find out what their challenges are.