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Looking for Something More Full Time? Consider Career Coaching

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I know a woman who runs a home-based career coaching business.

The Career Coach helps package/re-package well-educated middle management professionals, many of them migrating from the U.S. or Mexico into Canada.  As competition is steep for many middle management professionals, job seekers call on the Career Coach to help give them the advantage in their job search. 

Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of a home-based career coach: 

  • Correspond with clients, have them complete a detailed questionnaire about their job search criteria.
  • Review client resumes.
  • Perform a search of open positions that are a match for clients’ skills. 
  • Use job description information from several prospective employers to craft an optimized resume and cover letter.
  • Use government statistics to compile job futures reports. Include geo-specific information about their industry and position. 
  • Send resumes to hiring managers at targeted companies with glowing recommendations. 

The going rate for this level of coaching services ranges anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour, depending on your experience and track record for delivering the goods. You also may want to consider offering a flat rate package for a set of bundled services. 

If you want to become certified for this kind of work, you can do so for $250 – $500, depending on the trade organization you choose. Several trade organizations also serve as accrediting bodies:

Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches

National Resume Writers Association 

Academy of Certified Resume Writers

International Coach Federation

World Coach Institute 

Tips for Becoming a Career Coach

Skills Inventory

Ability to look through the typical resume buzzwords and job experience to locate a person’s real professional value.

Physical/Virtual Inventory

A computer with up-to-date word processing software ($7 monthly subscription), a high-quality printer ($99), broadband / phone bundle ($100 per month), Canva is also a great free tool for drag-and-drop design – no need to learn fancy programs

Launch Cost 

Certification is not necessary, but it may be worth it to make the investment to become certified. If you already have a home office set up and you’re not looking to become certified, your initial investment will be zero. If you need to set up an office in the house and you choose to become certified, you should expect to invest around $1,000. 


Your established expertise is what you’ll market, not your resume services. That means listing yourself as a Certified Resume Writer on LinkedIn, but never peddling your resume-writing services. Instead, you should focus on providing tips for novice jobseekers, to those recareering, to those who aren’t actively looking, but who may be in industries that are changing, and even targeting some of your content to companies who are hiring mid- and senior-level team members. 

You’ll need a website and a portfolio of four to ten sample resumes and 3 cover letters to post on your site. You’ll also want recommendations on LinkedIn and glowing reviews from your past clients. 

If you choose to include blogging as part of your marketing strategy, focus your efforts on becoming a valuable resource in your space. Build a website that looks great, modern, and up-to-date. 

Focus on providing value for both recruiters and jobseekers. Add your business to online business directories and take advantage of networking opportunities in your area. 

In the beginning, it may be a good idea to contact career coaches who are already established to find out if they need help managing their workload overflow.